Ālo OS

A truly next-generation, universally deployable "overlay OS" (Single System Image - Distributed OS) that can launch maximally reusable, mobile, intelligent, polyglot "nanoservice agents" 1000x faster than any alternatives (e.g. FaaS or even WebAssembly), hosting up to 5 million in-memory agents serving 5 million standard microservice-class calls equivalent event-reactions/sec concurrently on ordinary $60/month VM instances, scaling from IoT & user devices including browsers to Edge & Cloud.

Fluid Computing

A new compute paradigm that unifies multi-cloud IaaS, CaaS, FaaS, CDNs, edge, user device, IoT and decentralized infrastructure in a single system image (SSI) compute substrate that abstracts away distributed computing complexity, provides autoscaling, process offloading & migration and ensures maximal data locality through dynamic provisioning and orchestration.


A high-level microkernel, that runs on cloud, edge, user devices, IoT and decentralized infrastructure, unifies the OS concept of process with systems-theoretic agents, provides eventing-based IPC (Inter-Process Communication) and a distributed state store-backed virtual memory. Bloom also introduces the concept of "exo-processes", using which it can drive remote processes in any remote compute infrastructure, e.g. FaaS, CaaS and Kubernetes-based containerized processes. Bloom also acts as a Virtual Kubelet for Kubernetes and is compatible with Knative API. Also provides WebAssembly WASI system interface and another more powerful WASI-like system API.


A PITL (Programming-in-the-Large) scripting language on top of Scala, that brings Smalltalk-like expressiveness and productivity to distributed applications programming powered by a meta-recursive, self-describing primitive and language kernel, based on the Systems Model of Computation developed at Ālo.

Ālo Dictionary

A next-generation global component registry (like package repository) of reusable generic components called Terms, which is a concept of Ālo's SODA (Semantics-Oriented Development Approach). In the Dictionary, each Term has its associated denotational, axiomatic and interaction semantics, semantic "containers" and polyglot implementations. Fluid can fetch Term containers and implementations on demand from the dictionary and run them on Bloom.


A cross-platform, reactive UX framework that reifies UX-level primitives that are currently neglected in typical UI frameworks and provides a reusable one-time-effort UX substrate for apps to drive UI of different devices and different UI frameworks with the same UX code.

Ālo Framework

A next-generation rapid application development framework that leverages all the Ālo technologies and enables unprecedented development velocity for complex, large-scale, distributed apps spanning cloud, edge, browser, mobile, IoT and decentralized infra.

Ālo DevEx

A modern developer experience for building apps on Ālo technologies consisting of IDE plugins, dashboards, mobile apps and the Ālo CLI.